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Red Elements Shorts - Shorts "DCODE-3" ⋆ DARCODE

Inspired by Maspalomas. Made in Maspalomas

Darcode is a fashion brand that specialises in personalised, hand-printed and custom-fitted athleisure products for men, women and children. The name ‘Darcode’ was inspired by the owner and designer, Darius,s name. Our slogan is to ‘rule the game”, and we believe all of our customers should be able to chase their dreams and live their best lives.

Looking good is non-negotionable Rule the Game


Darius, who designs and creates each of Darcode’s products himself, has lived a truly international life. He speaks four languages and has lived in Poland, Germany and New York before moving to Gran Canaria. Darius is passionate about Maspalomas, and it was the area’s outside living and culture that inspired his casual fashion brand. The Darcode product range is designed and produced in Maspalomas, and every item is expertly crafted by Darius himself. Darcode puts comfort and practicality at the forefront of all of our designs, and each piece is designed with an island lifestyle in mind. Whether you’re going to the gym, or for brunch with friends, our custom fashion pieces are both stylish and comfortable. Darcode products are limited edition and stocked exclusively on our website.

Inspired by everyday life in Maspalomas, Darcode’s target customers are those who enjoy freedom, movement and a positive lifestyle filled with outdoor adventures and simple joys. Featuring our signature ‘D’ logo, our products are designed to be worn all year round.


Fashion designer // owner


Darius believes in a client-led approach to his business and works with his customers to create the highest quality products, with custom fits and personalisation available. Every product that Darcode makes is as unique as the customers that purchase them. Darius wants to help you feel amazing in the clothes you wear so that you can go out and fulfil your dreams with confidence. Feel free to contact us for help with figuring out your measurements or choosing the right piece for you. We want nothing more than to help you find the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe, tailored with a custom fit just for you.

About the brand

The brand focuses on athleisure fashion, with graphic t-shirts and custom-made shorts. Our t-shirts feature our classic cut out design, a contrasting print to help you stand out from the crowd.

What makes  Darcode different

It is its commitment to offering each customer a truly personal experience with high-quality, unique products. With Darcode’s ideal size algorithm, you can order any of our products to fit your body perfectly. To give you the ultimate peace of mind, we offer a ‘perfect fit guarantee’, if your custom order doesn’t fit exactly to your measurements. We want your clothes to feel as though they been made just for you. With appointments available in person or over the phone, we can give you a personalised consultation to find the pieces that best suit your style.

with you dreams come to life

… It does not have to be everything, as everyone says, it can be completely different …


Darcode originally began with a focus on menswear before the product range was expanded to include women and youth clothing, as well accessories. The womenswear collection has grown to include joggers, hoodies, and dresses along with the athleisure staples that are available in the menswear range. 

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